Biogas Titrator, Workstation with 25mL burette


Biogas Titrator, Workstation with 25mL burette
Product #: R41T114


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Fast and precise determination of FOS/TAC

The Biogas Titration Manager for potentiometric FOS/TAC determination comes with a 25mL burette, a full set of connecting cables, and cell accessories.
The FOS/TAC ratio has long been recognised as a guide value for assessing fermentation processes. It enables process problems extending as far as the imminent inversion of the digester biology to be detected at an early stage, so that countermeasures can be initiated.

  • High-resolution burette and unique addition technique ensure accurate results
  • Pre-programmed Biogas methods
  • Intuitive interface guides you at every step
  • Modular concept allows expansion to your future needs