Application - QBD1200 for Lab TOC analysis

What is TOC?  

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) detection is an important measurement due to the effects it may have on the environment, human health, and manufacturing processes. TOC is a highly sensitive, non-specific measurement of organics present in a sample. TOC analysis has many applications. It can be used to regulate organic chemical discharge to the environment in a manufacturing plant. Low TOC can confirm the absence of potentially harmful organic chemicals in water used to manufacture pharmaceutical products. TOC is also of interest in drinking water applications as it can react with disinfection chemicals forming disinfection byproducts. In addition, measuring and limiting TOC can prevent costly damage to expensive equipment in power plants.

Hach’s TOC Product line has analyzers that can be used for laboratory and online TOC measurements.  The QbD1200 can be used in the laboratory for clean, particulate free samples with values <100ppm. For process applications the Hach BioTector online TOC analyzers are well suited for dirty water applications. For ultra-pure water  applications, see Hach’s Anatel TOC products.

Product Spotlight  

The Hach QbD1200 takes the pain out of TOC analysis and lowers your total cost of ownership.

Want to trust your TOC results?
Stop throwing away your first replicate. The QbD1200 has 95% less carryover. Inconsistent results? Trust 2% standard deviation at 50 mg/L and 3% at 100 µg/L.

Want to lower your total cost?
Stop wasting money. Save 60% of your reagent costs. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance. Enjoy annual service vs. monthly.

Want to simplify your analysis process?
Tired of complicated setup? Begin testing with 90% fewer steps.

Want to save time?
Save time calibrating. Only 90 minutes for a calibration routine.

Principle of Operation  

Acid is added to lower the pH so that inorganic carbon is sparged off as CO2. This is measured to ensue Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) is not carried over into the TOC.

Convert TOC into CO2 gas. In presence of UV light and powerful oxidiser  (NH4)2S2O8, organic carbon soecies are converted into CO2 gas by oxidation. Carier gas is blown through the reaction chamber to push all CO2 gas through NDIR detector.

CO2 gas is detected as it goes through NDIR detector and TOC is quantified  by integrating the area under the curve. TOC is then calculated, based on instrument calibration, by converting the CO2 gas signal (area under the curve) into TOC.

Application Sectors – all clear samplpes TOC<100 mg/L  

Bottled Water

Municipal Drinking Water

Video – TOC analysis made simple  

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