The TU5 Series:

The Next Standard in the Evolution of Turbidity
Easily Integrates into Your Process

The Hach

The Hach TU5200 Turbidimeter

The Hach TU5200 Turbidimeter Lab

The Hach
TU5400 sc

The Hach TU5400 Turbidimeter

The Hach TU5400 TU5300 sc Turbidimeter Online

360°x 90° of Detection™

The TU5 Series employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test.

Online and Lab Results That Match

For the first time you will be able to remove the uncertainty of which measurement to trust, thanks to identical 360° x 90° Detection Technology in both instruments.

Faster in Every Way

The TU5 Series dramatically reduces the time needed to get a turbidity measurement you can rely on, with 98% less online sample surface area to clean, sealed vials for calibration, and the elimination of the need for indexing and silicone oil in the lab. Not to mention, a smaller online sample volume means you will detect events almost immediately.

I Want to Learn More

Don’t wait to introduce TU5 into your plant.

You don’t have to replace all of your turbidimeters to start using the TU5. The TU5 shares mounting configuration and tubing connections with existing Hach turbidimeters, like 1720E and FT660, making integration easy. Click on the videos  to learn more.