Bottled Water

From carbonated to still water, Hach’s wide range of monitoring instrumentation provides quality analysis ensuring your product has the same great quality and taste that meet your standards.
For continuous and reliable measurement of quality parameters directly in the production process, at line or in the lab.

Inline Oxygen Sensor

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  • Minimal drift and annual calibration
  • Minimal maintenance optical technology
  • Low level oxygen measurement with accurate ppb
  • High level oxygen measurement with accurate ppm

Oxygen Controllers


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  • Easy to use, intuitive software using clear, full colour touch-screen
  • Internal diagnostics and reminders for maintenance and calibration
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Multiple communication options including USB and Profibus
  • Data Storage

Portable Carbon Dioxide Analyser


  • Robust design for spot checks in the production plant
  • Laboratory analysis or measurement in the more demanding environments at line
  • Short analysis time; ideal for measurement in small packages
  • No sample preparation; simple, safe measurements
  • Laboratory analysis or measurement in the more demanding environments at line

CO₂ online controller


  • Mono-channel controller for CO₂
  • Accurate, repeatable trace level measurements
  • Multiple communication options including USB and Profibus
  • Reminders for maintenance and calibration

Portable Oxygen Analyser

  • Measures both saturated and trace level (down to 1 ppb)
  • Accurate measurement of concentrations of oxygen in gases and liquids
  • Waterproof, sturdy, lightweight analyser

MEL/MF Portable Laboratory

MEL/MF Portable Laboratory

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The MEL Laboratory is designed for analysts who need portable or small-scale microbiology testing capabilities. From a remote field location to a small scale microbiology lab within your existing lab, this MEL offers all the equipment and accessories to perform microbiological analysis.

VIS Spectrophotometer

DR3900 Spectrophotometer with RFID technology

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High-performance VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications.

  • Simple preparation
  • Fast execution
  • Comprehensive documentation

Digital Portable Multi Meter

HQ30D Digital portable multi meter kit, one channel, w/ PHC201 standard gel pH & CDC401 conductivity electrodes, 1 m cable

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  • Reliable results from inaccessible measurement locations and over long distances - even for pH
  • Error-free O2 results without calibration or replacing the electrolyte
  • Full GLP data management

Potentiometric Titrator

Titralab AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 1 Burette

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Straight from the box the AT1000 eliminates operator interpretation and manual processes.

  • Reliable titration results
  • Simple setup and titration

Online Process Turbidimeter

TU5300 sc Low Range Laser Turbidimeter, ISO Version

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  • ISO compliant low range laser turbidimeter
  • 360° x 90° detection technology that sees more of the sample Measures to 2 mNTU
  • Stable laser light source eliminates the need for annual lamp replacements

Hach pHD sc Inline Process pH Sensor

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  • Exceptional process pH Sensor performance with the differential electrode measurement technique
  • Lower maintenance needs with the double junction salt bridge
  • Reliability with built-in encapsulated preamp

Suspended Solids Probe

TSS sc Suspended solids probe, stainless steel, immersion style

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  • Measures turbidity and suspended solids
  • 8 measurement signals cover the total range
  • Excellent stability thanks to comprehensive compensation for interference factors
  • Unique compensation system to overcome the effects of air bubbles

Portable Turbidimeter

2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeter

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  • Easy calibration and verification
  • Simple data transfer
  • Accurate for rapidly settling samples
  • Convenient data logging
  • Optical system for precision in the field

Laboratory Turbidimeter

TL2310 LED Turbidimeter, ISO, 0 - 1000 NTU

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  • Improved and intuitive designHigh range turbidity applications
  • Single point calibration for measurements under 40NTU/FNU
  • Can measure up to 10,000 NTU
  • USB port for easy data export, sample identification for traceability, and self-diagnostics for quality
  • assurance
  • Available in four different models for EPA and ISO methods

Portable Colorimeter

DR900 Robust portable datalogging colorimeter

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  • Rugged construction
  • Designed for use in the field
  • Pre-programmed with 90 Hach methods
  • Configured for immediate use

Free/ Total Chlorine Analyser

CL17 Analyser for Free Chlorine

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  • Colorimetric chemistry - simple, fast, accurate
  • Fast automatic operation
  • Rugged, lightweight enclosure

Free Chlorine Sensor

CLF10 sc Free chlorine sensor with grab sample (on panel)

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  • Minimal operation costs
  • Plug and play
  • Real-time control of disinfection processes
  • EPA compliant according to Method 334.0

2 Channel Digital Controller

SC 200 Digital Controller with 1 digital Sensor Input, 2x mA OUT

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  • One controller for 40+ sensors and 14 parameters
  • Easy to extract data
  • Many additional versions available on request

Digital Inductive Conductivity Sensor

3705 sc Digital Inductive conductivity sensor,sanitary style,PP body

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  • Wide measuring range
  • Low maintenance design
  • Versatile mounting styles
  • Principal of operation
  • Withstands harsh environments

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