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Hach Launches TU5 Series Turbidity Platform

Hach Launches TU5 Series Turbidity Platform

November 17, 2016

Hach is introducing an important and innovative new technology for the Water Industry, the TU5 Series Turbidity Platform.

This platform is comprised of both laboratory and online turbidimeters and has been designed to be the next standard in the evolution of turbidity. The platform offers the only turbidimeters to employ an innovative 360° x 90° Detection Technology. This technology uses a unique optical design that sees more of the sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test.

The Hach TU5 Series Turbidity Platform will, for the first time, remove user uncertainty over which of their turbidity measurements to trust, thanks to the identical 360° x 90° Detection Technology in both lab and online instruments. In addition, all turbidity-related activities, from maintenance and cleaning to actually taking a measurement, will be done in less time. The TU5 Series dramatically reduces the time needed to get a turbidity measurement users can rely on, with 98% less online sample surface area to clean, sealed vials for calibration, and the elimination of the need for indexing and silicone oil in the lab. Not to mention, a smaller online sample volume means turbidity events will be detected almost immediately. “The TU5 Series represents a shift in how the world will measure turbidity. Since the 360° x 90° Detection Technology is identical in both lab and online instruments, users will consistently see results that match,” says Kirk Hetherington, Global Business Unit Manager at Hach. “These matching results will immediately allow water professionals to have confidence in their measurements and help them deliver the best possible product to their communities.”

The TU5 Series Turbidity Platform offers the option of three different instruments – one for lab and two for online measurements. The TU5200 is for use in the laboratory, while the TU5300 and the TU5400 are both equipped to provide continuous measurements. The user-friendly interface and improved workflow offer operators of all skill levels the ability to get highly accurate and reliable turbidity measurements.

Only the new TU 5 Series Lab & Process Turbidimeters with 360° x 90° Detection deliver unprecedented confidence that a change in your reading is a change in your water.

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