Orbisphere K1100 LDO Sensor Kit, 0-2000 ppb, 410 controller, wall mount

Product #: K1100-KTO-W
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The first maintenance-free optical oxygen sensor for power plants.

Pre-configured Kit containing K1100-S00 oxygen sensor, 410K/W1C00000 controller, (32510.03) 3m cable. Fast and easy installation.
This sensor has an unbeatable precision of 0.8 ppb and a limit of detection of 0.6 ppb. Such accurate measurement readings are essential to control low oxygen levels in AVT power plants.
This also allows operators to minimise system maintenance whilst being reassured of the oxygen reading accuracy.
Maintenance intervention is limited to 2 minutes and a zero point calibration, offering significant cost benefits compared with traditional electrochemical sensors and other luminescent sensors.

  • Optical technology eliminates membrane and
    electrolyte to minimise maintenance
  • Fast response and annual calibration
  • Accuracy in ppb oxygen measurement for effective
    process control