pHC2085-6 Combination Red-Rod pH electrode (w/temp. sensor)

Product #: E16M345
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Combined pH Electrode with integrated temperature sensor, Red Rod technology, Epoxy body, for use with SENSION+ meters, plug BNC-RJ9
The Combination pH Electrode has a robust epoxy body, Red-Rod reference system, refillable electrolyte (sat. KCl), integrated temperature sensor, and porous pin junction for general purpose applications. It has a fixed cable with BNC + RJ9 connectors.
The symmetry formed by the internal and external Red-Rod reference elements means that the iso pH is the same as the zero pH which provides highly reproducible results and a fast, accurate response, even when temperature fluctuations occur. Encapsulation of reference elements means no silver ions and therefore less risk of clogging when measuring in challenging sampla types. Red-Rod electrodes provide a stable signal fast by protecting the reference elements from light interference. The Red-Rod saturated KCl salt-bridge also aids in creating a stable liquid junction potential.