Phosphax sc Phosphate analyser, Outdoor, 1 - 50 mg/L PO₄-P, 5 m Filterprobe, 230 V

Product #: LXV422.99.21001
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The Phosphax sc online analyser provides reliable and accurate PO₄ measurements

High levels of nutrients in water can cause eutrophication, resulting in less oxygen for the plants and animals under water. The Phosphax sc, based on the proprietary SC platform, helps solve this environmental issue and ensure compliance. The measurement is made using a photometer with automatic zero-compensation that enables accuracy and stability in the measurement range (1 - 50 mg/L PO4-P). With the Phosphax sc online analyser you can make informed decisions about process management and meet strengthening regulations around Total Phosphorus discharge. The analyser comes in both indoor and outdoor version for versatile usage and is primarily suited for aeration basin applications. The instrument can also be used as a Hach RTC-P system to control the dosing to enable you to comply with the Total Phosphorus discharge limit at the outlet. If you were previously over-dosing or under-dosing due to low confidence in ortho-phosphate values, the Phosphax sc enables you better control your process to ensure compliance.

This instrument connects to Claros, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiency in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.

  • Multiple measurement ranges for a variety of wastewater applications
  • Low cost of operation with proven yellow method
  • Generate actionable insights from measurement data
  • Easy installation at the measurement point
  • Low maintenance