RTC105 N/DN Module, 2-channel, intermittent

Product #: LXV408
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Nitrification/Denitrification. Under Control.

Control module for load-dependent control of nitrification and denitrification times. 2-channel version for intermittently operating WWTPs. Without DO control.
The real-time controller optimises nitrogen elimination at biological waste water treatment plants that are operated either intermittently or in SBR mode (SBR reactors).
Based on the current ammonium and nitrate load, the module automatically calculates when aeration should occur and to what intensity, so that the required discharge values can be reliably met.
The run time of the blowers can also be reduced by setting the load-dependent nitrification and denitrification times, thereby lowering energy costs.

Prognosys ensures confidence in your instrument readings. Prognosys will monitor, provide reliable instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read colour display.

Please note: Using RTC Module requires SC 1000 controller with GSM and RTC card.

  • Load-dependent aeration
  • Stable nitrogen discharge values
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Predictive diagnostics
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