TMS Filtration System Outdoor, 230 V, 8 m heated sample hose

Product #: LZH393.XX.01201
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Sample preparation with automatic self-cleaning system

Suitable for difficult applications such as inlet of a municipal waste water treatment plant and industrial waste water. The system can be combined with process analysers Amtax sc, Phosphax sc and Nitratax sc in a bypass solution.
The TMS Filtration System consists of a GRP cabinet in which the mechanical and electrical components are mounted. The outdoor versions include a built-in heater and cooler, so the unit can be installed at the basin without any additional modifications. The sample hoses of the outdoor versions are heated to prevent freezing.

The canister for the cleaning solution will be placed in the cabinet. Please note that for air cleaning compressed air is needed.

The lightweight filtration membrane is made of Porospoly. It is mounted in a PVC housing which is connected to the hose with a union nut, so it can easily be exchanged. The membrane will be submersed directly into the sample.

  • Suitable for difficult applications
  • Lightweight filtration membrane, easy to handle
  • Can be used with multiple analysers
  • Cleaning with both air and chemical cleaning solution