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What is TOC?  

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TOC or Total Organic Carbon detection is an important measurement because of the effects it may have on the environment, human health, and manufacturing processes. TOC is a highly sensitive, non-specific measurement of all organics present in a sample. It can be used to regulate the organic chemical discharge to the environment in a manufacturing plant. In addition, low TOC can confirm the absence of potentially harmful organic chemicals in water used to manufacture pharmaceutical products. TOC is also of interest in the field of potable water purification due to disinfection of byproducts. Inorganic carbon poses little to no threat.

Online Analysis Yields Huge Savings, But Brings Major Challenges

Product Spotlight  

Through patented technology and semi-annual reagent replacement, the BIOTECTOR B3500c delivers 99.8% uptime with the lowest operating cost in condensate, drinking water, and other clean water applications.

Reliable and accurate TOC monitoring allows plants to make confident decisions that protect capital equipment and avoid downtime.

The BIOTECTOR B3500c, through its patented oxidation technology, provides maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy. Industry leading reliability combined with low total cost of ownership make the B3500c a natural choice for continuous TOC monitoring in clean applications.

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Complete TOC/TN measuring solution - from sample preparation to outlet. The system is available with a wide range of options.

The robust online analyser provides maximum uptime and reliability due to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance.
Where other technologies fail, the analyser's design allows it to handle fats, greases and oils as well as particulate loads that lead to drift and high maintenance. The unique Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO) technology achieves total and complete oxidation of the sample: including organic carbon to CO2 and nitrogen compounds to nitrate.

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BioTector Wins Presitigious Award  

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BioTector wins prestigious product leadership award!

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Technology Comparison  


  TSAO (BioTector) Thermal UV Persulfate
Calcium and salt Causes no impact with chlorides up to 30% and calcium up to 12%. Leads to analyzer failure due to collection of un-oxidized particulates in the furnace. Reduces persulphate oxidation potential with concentration as low as 0.05%
Algae growth Does not impact the analyzer due to automatic self-cleaning feature. Collects in the sample system, leading to plugging.
Microfilters and pre-filter systems Eliminates the need for filtering due to 3.2mm sample tubes which handle up to 2 mm particulates. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes (0.5 mm) and microsyringes. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes and micro-slider valves.
Oils, fats and greases Self cleans in approximately 12-24 minutes. Must shut down analyzer to clean and maintain regularly. Loses measurement for approximately 12-24 hours.
Measurement drifts Allows a 6-month calibration interval due to TSAO method and high quality build. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to furnace buildup and IR bench contamination. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to UV light source scaling that causes incomplete oxidation and drift.
Automatic self-cleaning capability Includes automatic self-cleaning of the reactor and sample system with every reaction. Not available. Requires analyzer to be offline for 1 hour for manual cleaning.

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