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A New Name. The Same Company.

A New Name. The Same Company.

May 21, 2015

The companies known as Hach and Dr. Lange were each created more than 65 years ago. The skilled scientists who founded these companies were dedicated to the same core principle: they believed in making complex analytical testing easier so that people with all levels of technical training could conduct accurate water analysis.

When these companies combined more than 10 years ago, they created a global resource completely committed to improving water analysis for our customers. This is a commitment that will continue unchanged as we gradually shift to the single name Hach beginning in June 2015. This means that our logo is changing, but the company details stays the same.

We are already known by the name Hach in all countries outside of Europe. Moving to this single name simplifies relationships with our growing number of customers who operate in multiple regions around the world.

As Hach, we will continue to operate exactly as we do today. Your contact people remain the same, and there are no changes in the offices and factories where we design and manufacture our quality products. Our telephone numbers, legal entity and product ordering process will also stay the same.

Most importantly, our singular commitment to providing you with expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use products remains the same — exactly as it’s been from the very beginning.

See video illustrating our new name (English & German)

To learn more about our organisation, simply ask your normal Hach contact as usual!

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