Metrology Service

To ensure the continuous quality of produced measures with our instruments, we provide adapted services of control and/or calibration of instruments. Then you will:

  • be ensured that your instrument is reliable over the years
  • have the traceability links with national or international standards
  • fulfill your certification requirements

We can deliver metrology services for our Radiometer instrument for the following devices:
  • automatic burettes with different volumes (volumetric calibration)
  • instruments (electric calibration):pH-meters, ionometers, conductimeters, Titration workstations
  • probes (electric or chemical calibration): temperature probes, 4 poles conductivity cells with or without integrated temperature probe
  • reference electrodes

Electrical calibration:
  • PHM, CDM, TIM, TitraLab 8xx, ABU52, ABU91, ABU93, Txxx, CDCxxxT, pHCxxxx-x,
  • MPA250
  • PGP201
  • POL150

Volumetric calibration:
  • TIM, TitraLab 8xx, ABU52, ABU901,ABU91,ABU93,ABU93

Chemical calibration:
  • CDC, TR100

Our volumetric calibration fulfill the ISO8655 norm.
The calibration of the CDM230-USP, is done according the USP norm.
Our procedures and calculation of measurement uncertainties are done according the EN13005 and ISO17025 norms.
Our delivered documents are presented in accordance to NF X 07-011 and FD X 07-012 norms

We can produced certificates of your laboratory or sampling equipments. In order to guaranty that the instrument fulfilled its specifications.

Laboratory instruments :
Photometers, spectrophotometers and heaters according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (Hach Lange Gmbh)

Samplers :
Fix samplers according to ISO5667-1