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Surface Water

Abwasser Oberflächenwasser

Reliable, regular measurements, whether laboratory or process, not only ensure compliance with limit values but also help to save energy, by controlling oxygen or precipitants for example.

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Measurement stations allow for the comprehensive monitoring of surface water. State-of-the-art data transfer systems ensure that device status information are available everywhere and at all times.

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Product Control and Monitoring

Boiler and Cooling Water

Produktkontrolle und -überwachung Kühl- und Kesselwasser

Systematic in-process measurements are a fundamental part of production and plant monitoring. That's because identifying and eliminating weak points as possible saves resources and cuts repair costs.

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Appropriate measurement methods ensure that quality is maintained in applications where water is used as the central cooling and heating medium. When used correctly they also help to minimise costs.

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Raw Water

Schlamm Rohwasser

Significant improvements can be made in sludge management with the appropriate analysis. Establishing optimal concentrations reduces energy, transport and disposal costs.

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In every industry it is important to determine the substances contained in the raw water being used. If the balance is wrong, plant components could be damaged.

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High-purity and Ultra-pure Water

Reinst-und Ultrareinstwasser

Extreme clean room conditions demand extreme analysis. The reliable detection and removal of the slightest salt concentrations or the minutest particles prevents costly wastage.

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