BÜHLER 1027 Stationary easy wall-mount water sampler

Product #: BU1027.XX.XXXXX
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Basic wall-mount sampler using pressure-vacuum technology. With weatherproof plastic housing, suitable for wall-mounting.
The well organised display and numeric keypad enable the sampler to be rapidly programmed. The instrument can be used for time and volume-proportional sampling. Its simple structure means that it requires very little maintenance. It is weatherproof and can be mounted or fixed on walls.
Pressure-vacuum samplers are ISO 5667 compliant and therefore satisfy the requirements for subsequent reproducible analysis.
The samples can be cooled to 4 °C in a stainless steel refrigerator cabinet (optional).
Ideal for straightforward applications involving the sampling of widely different types of wastewater.

  • Corrosion-resistant plastic housing
  • Time and volume proportional composite sampling
  • Volume accuracy through pressure-vacuum principle
  • Ideal in combination with stainless steel refrigerator cabinet