Bühler 4011 Stationary automatic water sampler

Product #: BU4011.XX.XXXXX
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Stationary sampler with insulated stainless steel housing, separated control and sample compartment with lockable door, flexible sampling options and various bottle configurations.
Sample volume accuracy, suction velocity and cooling performance certified according to MCERTs regulation.
This sampler covers almost 90% of the demands in routine and is ideal for use in sewage treatment and industrial facilities and for monitoring surface waters.
The sampler functions according to the pressure-vacuum principle and operates in time, volume, flow or event-based mode.
The different dosage vessels make the instrument extremely flexible in standard and individual applications. The temperature-controlled weatherproof V2A housing is optional and available in V4A and plastic-coated
stainless steel. The strict separation of the control and sample sections ensures that the instrument has a long life.

  • Stainless steel housing (optional: plastic-coated stainless steel)
  • Strict separation of control and sample sections
  • Composite and fractionated samples
  • BUS and GSM communication