FILTRAX eco Sample filtration system with 2 m heated pressure hose

Product #: LXV294.99.05010
AED Price: Contact Hach

FILTRAX eco filtration technology for reliable operation.

The sample filtration system continuously extracts sample directly from the aeration basins.
The FILTRAX eco prepares sample through one ultra-filtration membrane (0.15 µm) which is immersed in the process tank. The instrument is equipped with one peristaltic pump, which is pulling the sample through the filter membrane. The filter membrane will be slided in a stainless steel frame making sure it will not float. The heated versions of FILTRAX eco can be used for outdoor installation in any climate. Virtually maintenance free, all tubings are accessible and easy to replace. Moving parts will not come in contact with the sample. The FILTRAX eco has two programmable relay contacts.

  • High permeate quality
  • Low operating cost
  • No need for an expensive, high maintenance submersible pump
  • Works reliably