Filtrax, with 2 m unheated pressure hose

Product #: LXV294.99.01000
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Filtrax filtration technology for more reliable operation.

The sample filtration system continuously extracts sample directly from for ecample the aeration basin. The filter membranes are automatically cleaned using air.
This system prepares samples through two ultra-filtration membranes (0.15 µm) that are immersed in the process tank. Two small peristaltic pumps pull the sample through one filter at a time, allowing for optimal cleaning of the other. The sample filtration system automatically cleans both filter membranes while immersed by forcing a vigorous stream of air bubbles against the sides of the filter modules. This system is ideal for outdoor use in any climate. Virtually maintenance free, all tubing is completely accessible and easy to replace. Moving parts never come into contact with the sample. The system self-monitors flow rate across the filter media. One programmable alarm relay can be used to alert operators to inspect the system when flow decreases, and a second relay can shut the unit down if flow decreases further.

  • High permeate quality
  • Low operating cost
  • Continuous air cleaning minimizes cleaning required
  • No need for an expensive, high maintenance submersible pump
  • Works reliably, even with high sludge volume index or floating sludge