INTELLICAL PHC705 pH combination probe, Red Rod, general purpose

Product #: PHC70501
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High performance Red Rod technology now available for the digital HQD platform

Digital general purpose pH electrode with refillable KCl reference and built-in temperature sensor. Red Rod reference system. Measuring range 0-14 pH, -10 to 100°C. Probe junction: porous pin.
The symmetry formed by the internal and external Red Rod reference elements means that the iso pH is the same as the zero pH which provides highly reproducible results and a fast, accurate response, even when temperature fluctuations occur.
Red Rod electrodes provide a stable signal by protecting the reference elements from light interference. The saturated KCl salt-bridge also helps in creating a stable liquid junction potential.
The Red Rod system creates a trouble-free liquid junction. The encapsulation of reference elements means no silver ions and therefore less risk of clogging when measuring in challenging sample matrices.

Digital INTELLICAL electrodes store time and date stamp for each measurement, operator and sample ID, calibration history, parameter, and probe serial number. They can easily be moved between different HQD meters and are ideal for a multi-user environment with multiple HQD series laboratory and portable meters.

  • All the benefits of the digital INTELLICAL probes combined with high-performance Red Rod technology
  • Reproducible, fast and accurate response
  • Stable signal
  • Trouble-free liquid junction
  • Wide temperature range up to 100 °C