Intellical PHC805 Laboratory General Purpose Refillable Glass pH Electrode, 1 m Cable

Product #: PHC80501
AED Price: Contact Hach

Intellical PHC805 is a digital combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor. The PHC805 is a pH refillable electrode with ceramic porous pin reference junction. This laboratory glass pH electrode is ideal for measuring pH in general purposes laboratory applications for aqueous samples. A 50-mL bottle of KCl 3M Electrode Filling Solution is included with the probe. The PHC805 is not suitable for use with organic solvents, low ionic strength, wastewater, high solids or high alkaline sample types.

  • Refillable glass body electrode delivers exceptional value and long life
  • Intellical digital probes provide ultimate traceability in measurement history
  • Intellical digital probes alert the user when re-calibration is needed
  • Intellical digital probes can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings