M1100 Luminescent oxygen sensor in-line 0-40 ppm, 28mm ORBISPHERE fitting

Product #: M1100-S00H
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Monitors oxygen in the beverage production process

Sensor for the determination of dissolved oxygen (DO). Ideal for use in wort applications, for example. Even in this harsh wort environment, the instrument maintains very good accuracy and minimal drift.
Only a yearly maintenance and calibration will be required in most cases.
The M1100 sensor provides immediate oxygen readings with a measurement frequency of two seconds. The instrument carries consistent readings with no drift for 12 months without calibration (when utilising standard weekly CIP processes), surpassing other optical sensors that display signifi cant drift after only a few months in similar conditions.

The M1100 pioneered the use of luminescent technology in brewing applications and as a result, the sensor doesn't require the replacement of membranes or any electrolytes. Additionally, the sensor’s accuracy is unaffected by process changes or pressure shocks, further reducing maintenance. Annual maintenance is limited to just a few minutes for a zero-point calibration. Chemicals are not required for this process, making the task easier and safer without reducing measurement precision.

  • Minimal drift and annual calibration
  • Minimal maintenance optical technology
  • High level oxygen measurement with accurate ppm
  • High Level Oxygen Measurement with Accurate ppm