PFA, Convertible, Inductive (Electrodeless) Conductivity Sensor

Product #: 3727E2T
AED Price: Contact Hach

The non-contact inductive sensor is suitable for conductivity measurement in contaminated water and turbid fluids. It can be used as a tee insertion, flow-through or built-in immersion probe.
The low-maintenance design eliminates polarisation or coating electrodes problems connected with electrode-type conductivity sensors. A built-in Pt1000 thermometer compensates for in process temperature changes.
The measuring principle is based on inducing a low current in a closed loop of solution and measuring the magnitude of the current to determinate the solution´s conductivity.
The variety of materials for the sensor body enables measuring in almost every medium. The sensor runs with digital controllers with a help of a digital gateway and can be easily combined with other sensors.

  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Versatile Mounting Styles
  • Principal of Operation
  • Withstands Harsh Environments