UVAS plus sc UV probe for organic load (immersion/bypass), 5 mm

Product #: LXV418.99.50001
AED Price: Contact Hach

Continuous measurement of organic load: UVAS plus sc

Used for measuring the sum parameters such as COD or TOC. Measures the spectral absorption coefficient SAC of a fluid at 254 nm in conformity with DIN 38404 C3. Measured values are displayed in 1/m.
The immersed probe comprises a multiple beam absorption photometer with effective turbidity compensation, a flash lamp photometer and wiper cleaning of the measuring windows. Immersed directly in the medium, without pumping or preparation of a sample, the sensor measures the content of dissolved organic compounds. The simple mounting and easy handling of the probe is guaranteed by a tank rim fixing with 90° adapter. The through-flow variant is used wherever direct measurement in the medium is not possible for construction related reasons or the medium load makes it necessary to measure a filtered sample (very high TS contents, sewage treatment plant inlet, etc.).

  • No sampling or sample conditioning
  • Instant measured values
  • No reagents
  • Self-cleaning probe
  • Very high availability of measured values