Ultraturb seawater sc, turbidity sensor, 10 m cable

Product #: LPV415.99.32001
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The turbidity bypass sensor that brings clarity

Ultraturb sc Turbidity Sensor
The Hach Ultraturb sensor is Hach’s most versatile turbidimeter. With its wide measurement range (0-1,000 NTU) and optional automatic cleaning system, the Ultraturb is well suited for everything from filter effluent and distribution systems to raw water monitoring. The Ultraturb uses a ratio methodology with 90° and 180° in a pressurized sample chamber to achieve a high degree of accuracy over its wide measurement range.

  • Large measuring range: 0.0001 - 1,000 NTU
  • Self-Cleaning Sample Chamber Option
  • Ratio Methodology Detects Sample Chamber Fouling
  • Suitable for seawater, brackish water, raw water and other applications